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Born and raised in the city of Stockton California; Mr. Tay grew up around many things during his young life. Going through grade school there always seemed to be events and situations occurring around him. Mr Tay was the person who always cracked jokes and made people laugh throughout grade school. Mr. Tay never considered a career in comedy. However, one day a friend of his by the name of Insane Wayne asked him to help put on a show in 2002, which was called Insane Wayne & Tay presents Comedy. During that time this show was one of the greatest comedy showcases in the area. The show received great newspaper reviews and brought well known comedians to the city of Stockton. It was at a show In 2003 when a scheduled comedian was not able to make his appearance, Insane Wayne pointed out that Mr. Tay (host of the show) really knew what funny was, but just hadn't presented it onstage. After that night, he realized that he was a funny comic. Mr. Tay is a well rounded comedian. He talks about things he as experienced. He talks about real life situations in which everyday people can relate. In 2009 Mr. Tay created Mr. Tay Comedy Twist, which is now the longest running show in Stockton California on a monthly basis. He has been on the stage in different cities and states including Tommy T's, J Spot, Comedy Union, Comedy Store and has worked with  and/or shared the stage with famous comedians like Leslie Jones, Cocoa Brown, Paul Mooney, Michael Colyar, DC Curry, G Thang, Shang, Scruncho, Mike Epps, Luenell, Eddie Griffin,  also Music Artist like Joe, Ginuwine, Doug E Fresh plus many more.

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